Liedautor:Vainedhil, Mandara
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Walking over the streets of time
Curious, wondering and I see
many lost their fate in hope
embittered, peevish and hurt
The world I see lives in the dark
People outside are doomed in their fate
The darkness holds them with iron hand
The hope seems vanished and gone


Every time I ask myself
How much someone can endure

Every time I ask myself
How much sorrow overcomes hope
As I see deep into the hearts
I still can feel a glint of hope
Less will do to flee the dark
To bring back a spark

In the same way everything is forgot
The sparkle deep in the heart
The darkness holds down to be still strong
The heart with power and strength


But on my way I can see
The bearer of hope in front of me
Most of them do not now their self
But they glow sturdy and stable

The shadow cannot hold them down
The bright light let them flee in fear
And everyone who knows them
Goes lighter and gladly away


Everyone can be such a light
Some are born, other will be it in time
All of them share one thing
The light can never be dimmed

Hope can banish the darkness
The shadow will flee the shining light
Everyone has this light inside
Believe yourself this way


you can be these hope too
take care of the light in you
together we can free the world
to drive the shadow away

No one can stop us now
As long as we trust our self.
The shadow has lost his strength over us
As far as we count on hope

I can see und feel happy
What we are able to do

I can see and feel happy
With so much hope all shadows flee